Vivid Fantasy


Embroidered Lawn Front 1.2 MTR
Embroidered Lawn Back 1.2 MTR
Embroidered Lawn Sleeves0.66 MTR
Dyed Cotton Trouser 2.5 Yard
Cotton Net Banarsi Shawl2.5 Yard
Embroidered Border1 For Front 0.8 MTR
Embroidered Border2 For Front 0.8 MTR
Embroidered Patti For Front 2.35 MTR
Embroidered Border For Back0.8 MTR
Embroidered Patti For Back0.8 MTR
Embroidered Border1 For Sleeves1 MTR
Embroidered Border 2 For Sleeves1 MTR
Embroidered Patti For Sleeves2.8 MTR
Embroidered Neck Frame1 1 PC
Embroidered Neck Frame2 1 PC
Embroidered Neck Frame3 1 PC
Embroidered Back Frame 1 PC


Care Instructions:

    1. Do not use any type of bleach or stain
      removing chemicals.
    2. Wash coloured and white fabrics separately.
    3. Iron the clothes at moderate temperature.
    4. Dry clean only.
    5. Colors may vary in actual.
    6. Soak fabric in lukewarm water before stitching.

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